Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Saskatoon is a stunning place to live, work and enjoy time together, creating memories with family and friends. 


With a population of 331, 000, Saskatoon has the beauty of the valley complemented by the feeling of the city, it truly is the definition of the ideal setting to live and develop a life together. 


The name “Saskatoon” originates from the word Misaskwatomina, which refers to a sweet, purple berry. Even to this day, the purple berry still grows in the area.


Saskatoon embraces an array of green space and parks, as you begin to imagine the possibilities ahead of long, relaxing walks and ball games in the park. Set behind our parcel is one of the largest parks in Saskatoon for those who enjoy the outdoors.


Young professionals, keeping well, surrounded by local produce, beautiful scenery and a taste of the outdoors. Yet with a mall and key link roads nearby, Saskatoon is a picturesque setting within a secret paradise of amenities and leisure facilities that create everything a person could ever need or want access to.

The weather and climate in Saskatoon have four seasons but the Summer and Winter can be extreme. During the peak of Summer, temperatures can reach +30 celsius and in Winter, reaching -30 celsius. Saskatoon is recognized as one of the sunnier cities to live in.

Saskatoon boasts many beautiful walking trails which when followed, take you along the River Valley.  There is a huge park behind our parcel which is enjoyed by residents of all ages. You become central to so many outdoor activities as you breathe in the outdoor adventure and clean living lifestyle.

Things to do in Saskatoon

The secret is out! With so much to offer, Saskatoon is one of Canada’s most talked-about destinations. As it thrives economically and excels as a forward-thinking metropolis, the door is always open for discovery. It is the place to experience local eateries, bustling nightlife, river trails and other outdoor spaces as well as cultural institutions and museums.

Higher Learning

Saskatoon is home to great post-secondary educational institutions, including the University of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Polytech. Both school offer wide range of educational opportunities. 

Cafes and Bars

With an array of restaurants, cafes, and bars, Saskatoon is aa busy hub for friends and family to get together. Paired with great sunsets, you’ll see why it’s called Land of the Living Skies. 

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